Second UK~IRC Early Career Researcher Workshop in Cambridge

I was very proud to be invited to present Knut Blind’s, Bernd Ebersberger’s and my paper “Coopetition, Cooperation, and Competition as Determinants of Companies’ Appropriation Strategies” at the Early Career Researcher Workshop “New Frontiers in Innovation” organized by the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC).

Jesus College

The UK~IRC is a joint venture between the Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College Business School to further research and knowledge exchange on innovation policy and practice.The mission of the UK~IRC ( is to advance knowledge on innovation through high quality, independent research that engages directly with policy and practitioner communities.

The Early Career Researcher Workshop was held the second time and was developed as an intensive two day workshop for early career scholars working on the frontiers of innovation research. Moreover, it aimed at helping researchers to develop their work through discussion with scholars in their field. Hence, the workshop was designed for researchers in the early stage of their academic career. Among the papers presented, original research topics and novel methods or approaches, as well as demonstrating interdisciplinarity, were particularly encouraged.

Roughly 25 attendees from all over the world and different disciplines gathered in Cambridge to participate in that workshop, to present their latest work, and to interact in a social reception in the evening. The workshop was held at Jesus College, one of the oldest colleges at the University of Cambridge founded in 1496. The atmosphere and the venue were exceptional and the historic academic surrounding was very stimulating.

The workshop was especially beneficial as we received valuable comments from senior scholars in the field such as Andy Cosh, Martin Kilduff, Ammon Salter, and Bruce Tether. We also had the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions of early stage as well as advanced research and to gain further insights into publishing in top-journals by editors of these journals.



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