5th Israel Strategy Conference

The 5th Israel Strategy Conference was held at Tel Aviv University from December, 19 -21, 2012 (https://www.isc.org.il/2012). About 140 attendees enjoyed a rich program that featured more than 60 papers, four keynote sessions and a social event. With about 80% of the presenters coming from abroad, ISC 2012 was a truly international conference.

Tel Aviv

The fifth conference on current strategic management topics in Israel attracted much attention among scholars from all over the world, and exceeded the expectations of many participants. Between Chanukah and Christmas, the conference offered a stimulating environment to meet colleagues and attend exciting sessions. The program featured prominent keynote speakers: Sydney Finkelstein (Dartmouth), Henrich Greve (INSEAD), Dan Levinthal (Wharton), and Joanne Oxley (Toronto) who gave inspiring speeches.
The winners of the Fiegenbaum Best Paper Award for 2012 were Brian Silverman (University of Toronto) and Paul Ingram (Columbia University) with a study on agency problems in the context of the Liverpool Shipping in the 18th Century.

The doctoral consortium provided an invaluable opportunity to present own research to renowned scholars. Among the panelists for my presentation were Terry Amburgey (University of Toronto), Xavier Castaner (Université de Lausanne), Gary Dushnitsky (London Business School), Henrich Greve (INSEAD), Joanne Oxley (University of Toronto) and Ezra Zuckerman (MIT) as well as several brilliant doctoral students from abroad and Israel. The feedback I received from these distinguished scholars will help me to improve the paper “Coopetition, cooperation, and competition as determinants of companies’ appropriation strategies” which has been joint work with Knut Blind (TU Berlin) and Bernd Ebersberger (MCI Innsbruck).
ISC 2012 offered a unique opportunity to present innovative ideas and explore recent developments and emerging issues in strategic management, as well as receive feedback on work-in-progress and network with colleagues.


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