Experts on Standardization meet in Brussels – EURAS 2013

Between June, 24th and June, 26th 2013, the 18th EURAS Conference in Brussels, Belgium took place. The main topic in 2013 was the impact of standards on the European competitiveness by reducing barriers to trade or regulations as well as education on standardization in order to “spread the word of standardization”. Researchers from a big variety of science fields, such as economics, business management, engineering as well as political sciences, participated at the conference and presented their work. Among them were four scientist of the Technical University Berlin, namely Professor Knut Blind, Dr. Simone Wurster, Anne-Marie Großmann and Julius Rauber. During the conference, it became clear that there is further research to be done even if big progress was made in understanding the meaning of standards and standardization to companies and other stakeholders. Especially quantitative analyses still lacks a broader database in order to analyze standard-related research topics in more detail. Furthermore, it seemed to be common sense among the participants that companies have to become even more aware of the chances and benefits of standardization. The final presentation picked up this issue since it was about a superordinate roadmap for education on standardization. All in all it was a very interesting and inspiring conference which illustrated once again the rising importance and meaning of standards and standardization for many aspects of society as well as economy.
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