3rd French-German Round Table on Intangibles and Knowledge in Paris

The French–German Round Table on intangibles and knowledge assets is a research and policy initiative by two major universities in the two countries (as well in Europe) – The University Paris-Sud and Heidelberg University – who decided to join their recent and on-going research efforts, in order to:

  • Come up with conceptual instruments;
  • Provide a stimulating platform for research and action for progress among different stakeholders in France and Germany;
  • Contribute, more generally, to the large dialogue in Europe and more globally, on the role of intangibles in value creation.

Prof. Knut Blind and PhD Candidate Andreas Lohmeier were invited to present at this round table about innovation in the public sector and to join this discussion on November 22nd, 2013 in Paris. The round table, located at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, brought together researchers, practitioners, policy makers, Executives and Media from the two countries, who were interested in sharing experiences and coordinating efforts towards understanding the dynamics of intangibles and their impact on sustainability in European societies, and beyond.

The chair of Innovation Economics of the Technical University Berlin was represented by Andreas Lohmeier who presented the main analysis and results of two papers regarding public innovation:

  • Analysis of the innovation activity of the public authorities in Germany in comparison to Europe‘s (Link)
  • Analysis of the influence of eGovernment on process innovation in the public sector (Link)

To sum up, the Round Table was a great opportunity to present our work, receive valuable feedback and stimulate dialogue among participants and partners.

Further information (slides and agenda) can be found here: Link


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