Blind and Pohlmann publish LES Article of the Month

Just today, the Licensing Executives Society International (LES International) announced to publish Knut Blind’s and Tim Pohlmann’s article on trends for standard essential patents as the article of the month. LESI is a not for profit and non-political umbrella organization having 32 national and regional member societies, interested in technology transfers or licensing of intellectual property rights. LESI publishes a quarterly journal called les Nouvelles. The journal is designed to advance the knowledge of the LESI members and others in improving their skills, techniques and knowledge in licensing and protecting Intellectual Property.

Blind and Pohlmann publish LES Article of the Month
Blind & Pohlmann, LES Nouvelles Article of the Month March 2014

Blind and Pohlmann have been asked to write an article about new trends in the area of patents that read on technological standards. In this regard Blind and Pohlmann have founded the company IPlytics that builds up data on over 80 million patents, over 300,000 patent declarations, over 1,5 million standard documents and about 900 standards organizations.  IPlytics offers an online based patent analytics platform tool to analyze market developments, technology trends and a company’s competitive position for patenting and standardization. IPlytics Platform integrates patent analysis, patent valuations, patent mapping, patent landscaping and a mapping of technology standards and products, such as an identification of standard essential patents, patent licensing terms or patent pools. IPlytics Platform helps companies making the right R&D investment decisions by providing actionable and trustworthy insights on relevant IP assets.


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