Welcoming Visiting Scholar Paul Wiegmann from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

We warmly welcome Paul Moritz Wiegmann as a visiting researcher at the Chair of Innovation Economics from the 30th of June until the 11th of July 2014. Paul is a PhD candidate at the Department of Technology and Operations Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (http://www.erim.eur.nl/people/paul-wiegmann/) where Knut Blind is the promotor of his PhD project. Before starting his PhD project in October 2013, Paul obtained a MSc in Management of Innovation from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a BSc in Management from the University of Warwick.

Paul conducts his research on the interaction between different standardisation mechanisms and their impact on innovation. He has written working papers on the how different standard setting mechanisms contributed to a common outcome in the case of standardising plugs and connectors for electric vehicles in Europe (Wiegmann, 2013) and on factors that play a role in determining firms’ standardisation strategies (Wiegmann, 2014 forthcoming). During his stay with us he is planning the further trajectory of his PhD which will include some research on how standards from these different mechanisms impact innovation.

  • Wiegmann, P. M. (2013). Combining Different Modes of Standard Setting – Analysing Strategies and the Case of Connectors for Charging Electric Vehicles in Europe. In K. Jakobs, H. J. de Vries, A. Ganesh, A. Gulacsi, & I. Soetert (Eds.), EURAS Proceedings 2013 – Standards: Boosting European Competitiveness (pp. 397–411). Aachen: Wisenschaftsverlag Mainz.
  • Wiegmann, P. M. (2014 forthcoming). Choosing the Right Strategy – Considerations in Allocating Resources in Standard Setting. In EURAS Proceedings 2014.

Paul will present his work in our Research Colloquium on the 9th of July at 16:00.


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