IPlytics receives StarTUp label given by TU Berlin president Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen

IPlytics was awarded with the StarTUp label at the 7th Alumni Angel Night of the Technical University of Berlin. The event took place in the center of the atrium of the University. For the 7th Alumni Angel Night nine companies were awarded with the startup label. At the event TU startups had the chance to present their solutions to investors, but also investors were able to present their strategy and interests in new business ideas. The networking event attracted young as well as established companies to mingle and exchange ideas. In this regard IPlytics had the chance to give a live presentation of its patent analysis, patent valuations, patent mapping, and patent landscaping solution IPlytics Platform.
IPlytics CEO Tim Pohlmann and Präsident Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen

IPlytics CEO Tim Pohlmann and TU Berlin president Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen

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About Tim Pohlmann

Dr. Tim Pohlmann is founder and CEO of IPlytics. IPlytics Platform is a market intelligence tool which empowers its users to analyze technology trends, market developments and a company’s competitive position for any industry. IPlytics Platform integrates multiple data sources to provide a mapping of e.g. patents to technology standards, products or M&A deals. IPlytics Platform helps companies making the right R&D investment decisions by providing actionable and trustworthy insights on relevant IP assets. Dr. Tim Pohlmann worked as a research associate at the "Law and Economics of Patents Group"​ CERNA, MINES ParisTech and as an associate at Berlin Institute of Technology. He furthermore cooperates with the Fraunhofer ISI and Northwestern University of Chicago. Dr. Pohlmann's expertise covers the empirical analysis technology trends and market competition such as e.g. patent strategies, the interplay of patents and standards, the pooling of patents, technology licensing, patent trolls and standard setting for ICT.

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