Results of the German Standardization Panel 2014 launched at DIN


On 28 April 2015 the participants of the third round of the German Standardization Panel in 2014 were the first to be presented with the results of the survey in the premises of DIN (German Institute for Standardization). Special emphasis was given to the role of standards for trade with the People’s Republic of China in comparison to trade with the United States.

The German Standardization Panel (DNP) is designed and supervised by scientists of the Department for Innovation Economics of the Berlin Institute of Technology. The Standardization Panel aims at gaining new knowledge concerning standardization practice, -politics and -research. Another goal is to attain measurable results regarding the benefits of standardization as well as the ability to recognize trends, e.g. concerning the future role of consortial standards or the acceleration of standardization processes.

For the first time, this year it is possible to link the data from the second and the third wave. The unique dataset, which consists of more than 500 companies, provides new insights into changes in the standardization behavior as well as the implementation of standards of German firms over time.


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