Metrology and innovation: a study on the contribution of the German and of the Brazilian NMIs for the innovativeness in the measurement instruments sector

“Numerous important discoveries have been made ‘by investigating the next decimal place’. F.K. Richtmyer (1928)”

For instance, the possibility of cooling and trapping atoms lead to the measurement of the time standards and one of the seven SI basic units, the “second”, with an uncertainty of 10-16. This precision in the measurement of the “second” was a pre-condition for the launching by industry of the innovative technology GPSs. This is just one example of how advances in measurements may lead to technological advancement as well.
The relationship between metrology – the science of measurements – and innovation is thus the main topic of this research project, conducted by PTB (the German metrology institute) and Inmetro (the Brazilian metrology institute), with the contribution from TU Berlin. The case study will focus on the measurement instruments sector in both realities and will be dedicated to analysing how firms of the sector may benefit from the activities carried out by NMIs.

More information may be obtained with Dr. Taynah Lopes de Souza, guest researcher at TU Berlin for four weeks. Comments and contributions are also very welcome.


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