7th Annual Conference of the EPIP Association in Leuven

The 7th Annual Conference of the EPIP Association in Leuven, Belgium was an exceptional opportunity for researchers as well as practitioners to present and discuss new insights regarding economic, legal, political and managerial aspects of intellectual property (IP) rights.

The chair of innovations economics was strongly represented by Annika Lorenz, Tim Pohlmann, Julius Rauber and Sören Simon Petersen. Annika Lorenz presented a paper in cooperation with Knut Blind and Bernd Ebernsberger “Strategies of German Companies to Protect Their Intellectual Property Under Coopetition”. Tim Pohlmann presented a paper in cooperation with Justus Baron “Patent Pools and Patent Inflation – An empirical analysis of contemporary patent pools” and Sören Simon Petersen presented a paper in cooperation with Knut Blind and Michael Stephan “The interrelation of Strategic Patenting and Standardization in the Context of the Resource-based view of the Firm”.

Sören´s experience

The conference was a good opportunity to get substantial feedback for my personal work. With a specific research topic in the intersection of patenting and standardisation I was surprised to meet many experts in this particular field. Especially the discussion with several patent attorneys as well as IPR-managers was very beneficial. In general, the mix of practitioners and researchers made this conference special. The constructive and pleasant atmosphere of the conference fostered a profound knowledge transfer. The social program was delightful and completed a wonderful conference. In a nutshell, I would recommend the EPIP to any scholar who is interested in the field of patenting.

Annika´s experience

At the annual EPIP conference in Leuven I presented the paper “Coopetition, Cooperation, and Competition as Determinants of Companies’ Appropriation Strategies” written by Knut Blind, Bernd Ebersberger and myself. The conference was a great opportunity to present this work and receive valuable feedback from Christoph Grimpe. Moreover, the conference in Leuven offered a great and stimulating surrounding to interact with peers and discuss current research. EPIP was a great experience and setting to meet many inspiring scholars including Rosemarie Ziedonis, Tim Simcoe, Bronwyn Hall, Stuart Graham, Tony Clayton and Rudi Bekkers.

Sören Simon Petersen


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