Paris calling – Patent researchers meet at EPIP 2013

This year’s EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property) Conference took place in Paris from September 4th,2013 until September 6th, 2013. The Technical University Berlin was represented by four researchers, namely Professor Knut Blind, Sören Petersen, Jakob Marquard and Julius Rauber. While Mr. Marquard and Mr. Rauber presented a paper regarding the protection instruments for companies’ inventions with a special focus on strategic publications, Mr. Petersen showcased the latest work on the topic “changes in the motives to patent”. The final presentation of the TU Berlin was done by Professor Blind who introduced some work on the relation between IPR infringement and sales. Furthermore, there were some very inspiring presentations on a wide variety of topics regarding challenges for patenting entities such as e.g. the problems of the American patenting system. Consequently, the conference was themed “The Frontiers of IP”. Concluding, it can be stated that there are upcoming challenges for the patenting system and companies have to react to them by adjusting their IP strategies and, maybe, considering other ways to go.

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