Standards education essential for the western world to stay competitive compared with Asia

This was a statement at a panel on standards education at the 8th international IEEE-SIIT conference which took place 24-26 September 2013 in Sophia Antipolis, France. The panelists included Yatin Trivedi, Chair of the IEEE Standards Education Committee, Synopsys, US, Dr. Simone Wurster, TU Berlin, Doede Bakker, Leader of the CEN/CENELEC/ESTI Joint WG on Education about Standardisation, BE and Michael Wood, President of Capitol College, US.

Panel discussions pointed out the need for standards education and appropriate programmes to attract the potential target groups on undergraduate and graduate level. To stress the importance of standardisation skills in the global market and the use of appropriate standardisation instruments in innovation management, work from TU Berlin’s researchers Prof. Knut Blind and Dr. Stephan Gauch was quoted during the panel. In a paper on the nanotechnology industry the two researchers showed the importance of standards for a whole national industry with regard to an attractive positioning in markets for new technologies.

As an example for new and interesting standards education tools the Durch researcher Dr. Tineke Egyedi presented the standardisation game ‘The Sky is the Limit’. ‘The Sky is the Limit’ simulates standardisation processes for flying cars. It raises awareness for the interplay between standards and innovation as well as different standardisation strategies. A number of conference attendees tested the game and their feedback was excellent. Lecturers involved in standards education should keep the game in mind.

Besides the participation of a researcher from TU Berlin in the panel, Dr. Simone Wurster, Ellen Filipovic and Sebastian Fischer gave three presentations at the conference about born global standards establishers, the development of the public safety standard TETRA and corporate global standardisation strategies for the management of the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem. Further information is available at


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