Chancellor Angela Merkel announces new High Tech Strategy

The 25th version of the 2014 weekly podcast of Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, was dedicated to future technologies and the research and education environment in Germany. Anne-Marie Großmann, researcher at the Chair of Innovation Economics, asked Mrs Merkel about the future for jobs in Germany, the internal competitiveness of German universities and the agenda for future research.

Mrs Merkel emphasized that the High Tech-Strategy is now being extended to an Innovation Strategy, which she believes will establish Germany as an attractive location for innovation including the necessary employment. Due to the high number of graduates in higher education the government is trying to get enough young people into the dual education system. This dual education system is, according to Mrs. Merkel, also ensuring the possibility for life-long learning. With regards to the international attractiveness of German universities for international students, Mrs. Merkel welcomes the positive development to offer courses in English. With regards to research in future technologies, Mrs Merkel emphasizes that Germany is trying to reach “Weltspitze” (“top of the world”) in all disciplines. She stressed that Germany cannot be satisfied with mediocrity!

Watch the full viedo here and read the transcript here (in German).

Anne-Marie Großmann (TU Berlin) and Angela Merkel



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