EURAS Conference 2015

By organizing an annual conference, the European Academy of Standardization (EURAS) brings together experts in standardization from different disciplinary backgrounds. Representatives from industry, politics and science discuss current topics and present latest research work related to standards and standardization in order to improve co-operation in this field.

This year’s EURAS conference was hosted by Dansk Standard at their beautiful seaside headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The chair of innovation economics was represented by Prof. Knut Blind, Jo‑Ann Müller, Agnes Ploschka, and Florian Ramel.

The theme of the conference ‘The Role of Standards in Transatlantic Trade and Regulation’ covered a topic heavily discussed in science, media, and politics. Highlight was the panel discussion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US in the light of standards. The encounter of Dr. Scott Steedman, Director of Standardization at British Standards, James A. Thomas, President of ASTM International, and Prof. Panos Delimatsis, Professor of European and International Trade Law at Tilburg University, demonstrated the differences between the European and the American approaches towards standardization. Yet even more importantly, a great willingness to collaborate in the field of standardization was made clear.

Other relevant topics were the role of standards in avoiding technical barriers to trade and in various fields like manufacturing, business, innovation, and environmental protection.

Having experienced a high quality of academic presentations and exchange, we are looking forward to next year’s EURAS conference to be held in Montpellier.


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